Water pollution is a serious problem of mankind, but there are many ways to solve it: to learn to take care of natural resources

The literary analysis of influence of heavy metals is Given on an environment and organism of man. Heavy metals are the basic pollutants of environment of industrial cities. Connections of heavy metals possess high biochemical activity, ability to accumulate in an environment and living organisms. The important role of microelements is educed as catalysts of many biological reactions and pathogenic influence of heavy metals on the organism of man. The basic sources of receipt of heavy metals in an environment are extrass of industrial enterprises and exhausts of motor transport. The high concentrations of heavy metals in an environment can result in the decline of adaptive reactions of organism and development of the sickly states. 

In this article influence of the Arselor Metall Steel enterprise on the condition of atmospheric air of districts of the city of Temirtau, adjacent to the enterprise, is considered. The annual dynamics of the content of harmful substances in the air reflecting the main tendency of increase of the indicators values in summer months, mainly in July, decrease in September and repeated increase of values in November are shown. The main substances polluting the air were defined: dust, nitrogen oxides, sulfurous anhydride, phenol, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide. The analysis of the results showed that in the surface layer of the atmosphere of the studied areas the concentration of sulfurous anhydride and hydrogen sulfide considerably exceeds the standard values. According to the results of the research it was revealed that the region OKZhETPES, the area DNTI and 117 quarter belong to the zones, which are exposed to the most intensive negative impact, the quarter ABC belongs to the zone with the least pollution.